Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hibernation? No...Total CHAOS!!!

I haven't been ignoring all of you. Remember when I told you about Betty, and my job and how I love it? Yeah, well, a LOT has happened since then.

First Betty and I planned a trip to the beach, a girls weekend. Right before we left the salon owner informed us that she was leaving because she "needed a job with insurance" and she was starting that "job with insurance" the following Monday. Leaving Betty and I to run a salon.

Second we found out that the other reason she left was that she was far behind on the rent with the landlord and he was SUING her. (Where she took the money we gave her for rent we aren't sure.) The landlord loves us, redid the lease for us all new and shiny, and is happy as a clam. We big puffy heart him.

Third we sort of flipped out.

Finally, we got it together and in no particular order: finished remodeling the salon, found a kick ass stylist to come in and rent the third station (even if it did take 6 weeks), amped business back up, got our heads sort of back on straight, sent our children back to school, found a really amazing hamburger place, became addicted to sandwiches, and have also taken to using far more hair and self tanning products than normal.

I also have been busy doing wedding makeup, wedding hair, and booking more manicures and pedicures with the latest technology in gel polish (the stuff stays on for THREE WEEKS) than I can shake a stick at. I love it.

I always wanted to own or be co-owner of a salon, just maybe not be THROWN into it like a football at the forty yard line.

Bacon is doing well in spite of Momma working eleventy billion hours. He actually kind of WANTS to spend time with me now when I am home, and is doing well at school. (On the days he doesn't come home with 12 referrals for calling some adult a doody head, or pouring milk on another kid. He's 6...boys do weird stuff.) I am still exhausted, but it is now a happy exhausted, and am finding I don't need as much coffee to keep me going. STRANGE, I know.

I promise to update more often now that everything is settling into order and there are no more walls to paint or spackle for a while. I have missed all of you....and have missed out on telling you all the HILARIOUS stories about some of the crazies that come into our lives on a daily basis!!


Green V-Neck said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read about the Crazies.

Givinya De Elba said...

Ooh, wow, so excited to hear from you! How cool - you salon co-owner! I'd come to you to be beautified if it wasn't - you know - a 42-day kayak trip away.

Crazy Sister said...

Wow, what a ride! Addicted to sandwiches? That sounds like a good thing!

Meg said...

Excellent!!! Keep up the great work. Have a wonderful holiday.


followthatdog said...

Holy cow! That's a lot to cope with. Glad you seem to be pulling it off well enough. Then again, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Crazy Momma said...

I think you are headed to amazing places I have taken your advice and started reading the Autism sucks page and other pages I look forward to keeping up with what your blogging about!! One day I hope to get in to the salon for a relaxing pedi and mani!!!