Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sailing Away....

I am so excited about leaving tomorrow for some Rest and Relaxation. I cannot wait. Especially since Bacon's sleep study is COMPLETE, and we have no other pending medical appointments for a while.

They moved the study to Monday because they had a cancellation which was GREAT. We checked in to the sleep lab at 8pm, and Cheryl got Bacon all ready to go. He got to jump on the hotel bed (yes our sleep lab is in the 5th floor of a HOTEL! This makes patients more relaxed since there isn't that icky hospital smell!), crank up the television and run down the hall. Then he sat and watched GARFIELD while she attached eleventy billion wires and doo dads to his head, chest legs and face. There were so many wires that they zipped them up in a tube like thing that then made him appear to be some kind of Star Trek cyborg. He had a REALLY hard time with the tubes they put up his nose, but after some GIANT tears he fell asleep and did beautifully on the infrared camera, and hooked to the wires.

After the study was over he got to take a shower and then we headed down to the breakfast buffet. They had scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, bagels, oatmeal, donuts, toast, and more. Bacon settled for a bowl of plain Cheerios, a biscuit (like the fluffy kind from KFC) and a Pepsi. SERIOUSLY. Mr. T and I just sat and the table and laughed hysterically.

Bacon does NOT need surgery to remove any body parts. He does have sleep apnea, but we are treating it for environmental allergies before we do anything else. He also has restless leg syndrome, so we went today and had some blood work done to determine if he needs iron supplements etc. I am also trying the bar of soap in the bed trick that a client told me about. We will see where we end up. I am just relieved it is all over.

I am also ready to head off into the sunset with Betty, sit on the beach all weekend and maybe drink some wine and eat grown up food. No kids screaming for bums to be wiped, no husbands pawing at us for anything...although I think they may be calling us to see how we are....I am also ready to not feel guilty for enjoying a little time to rest and relax. I deserve it after all!


Crazy Sister said...

I didn't know little kids could get sleep apnea!

I know they can snore, though. Sighhh.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hey Mrs Tantrum, please don't take offense at me not commenting and go into blog hibernation! I miss you! And the description of us/you/your blog I put on my page makes me smile each time I read it! Miss you and your writing!