Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eleventy Billion Reasons We Can't See Your Baby

I forgot to let the world know that the newest member of our extended family arrived on July 17th. Bacon and his little cousin did not have to witness the birth (much to my relief) and as of yet none of the immediate Tantrum 3 have seen the baby.

Which of course Bacon doesn't fail to remind me

We would have gone to see them at the hospital, but Bacon had diarrhea.

Once the diarrhea was cleared up he got a Sea Lion like cough from his best friend at summer camp.

Then on Friday while driving out to see Nana Tantrum for dinner he puked three times when we were ONE BLOCK FROM OUR destination.

Thankfully, Bacon was just overheated/carsick, and was fine once I got him home and settled in. He still has the Sea Lion cough however, and I don't think that ANYONE I know would like their baby to get that at not even 10 days old. (Although these are the same people that thought everyone would like to see the video of said baby coming out of her mother's vagina, so you never can be certain about these things.)

That said, Bacon still cries/screams/whines that he hasn't seen his baby cousin yet. When I try to explain he replies that there is no sickness in him and he just wants to look at her and feed her tomatoes.

He also now wants a baby sister or a big sister or maybe a donkey. He really isn't sure. I have tried all the usual distraction techniques: "LOOK! AN EAGLE!", dancing around and making up stupid songs, telling him I am booked solid at work, or just falling asleep. Maybe if I get him a donkey he'll quit asking for a sibling, somehow though I doubt it, he'll just want a saddle to ride the pony and a sibling to walk it around the ring for him.


Givinya De Elba said...

Hm. Something tells me that a donkey would be easier to get than a baby.

Making it the house of 14 people, 9 dogs, 7 cats, 2 axolotls and a donkey. Yeesh.

Crazy Sister said...

He'll lose the cough soon, then you can greet the baby, and show Bacon how to change a tiny dirty rear, and then he'll stop wanting a baby of his own.