Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Betty and Me

I love my job. I may have mentioned that a few times lately, but I really do. I have great clients, and a great little (and by little I mean like less than 1000 square feet) salon, and great co-workers.

One of them and I have become very marvelous friends.

We have lunch, text each other before bed, and even got our boys together to beat the crap out of each other's "NUTS" while we squared away insurance.

This of course translates into our husbands - both on the same day mind you - thinking that we are somehow secret lovers.

We went to a marvelous lunch yesterday in the Belmont neighborhood and then got tiny little cupcakes after. Betty's husband called on her cell and asked what we were doing. "We just got cupcakes." she told him.

"DUCT TAPE?" Mr. Betty replied

"NO! C-U-P-C-A-K-E-S!" Betty screamed into her phone

"Are you two going to tape each other together with that duct tape?" Mr. Betty asked all excited like.

"NO!! CAKE!! WE HAVE CAKE!!" Betty screamed before hanging up on him

We giggled uncontrollably at how bad his hearing is and continued on to acupuncture.

Then I came home and was asked the following line of questioning:

"Where'd you get the bag of goodies?" Mr. T asked

"At Zupan's and Saint Cupcake."

"What were you doing down there?"

"I was with Betty. We had lunch."

"What is going on with you two? Are you secret lovers or something?" Mr. T asked excitedly

I ignored his question, threw a shoe at his head and went to sleep. Clearly neither Mr. T or Mr. Betty understand the importance of girl bonding. Especially when you live in a house of all men - Betty has 3 boys under the age of 16, and I have Mr. T and Bacon - and eleventy billion animals. Somehow I don't see things letting up either, because sometimes it sounds like Mr. Betty and Mr. T are the same person...and I am sure that once we get them together to kick each other in the nuts things will be worse...MUCH WORSE!!

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Givinya De Elba said...

Ahh, hilarious! Girl bonding is so important. Glad you've got Betty.