Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 A Self Discovering Odyssey

2009 sucked royally for everyone, and despite the joy that 2010 is finally here, I slept through the change. I have vowed that the next New Year's Eve however will be a party just like the one in When Harry Met Sally (the one where Harry finally professes his love for Sally) just with less hair and better dresses. I have also vowed to become more patient and kind, and to do what I think is right and true regardless what other people think or say. I am also going to make more time to blog and spend less time on Facebook.

Things with the transition to many branches of the same family living together have calmed down substantially, and we are finally in a MUCH bigger bedroom that is in a quieter part of the house. Bacon sleeps on the sofa in our room for now, but as things settle into a better routine he will again be in his bunk bed. He is also still loving school, and we even had the class bunny for a week of Christmas vacation. I am terribly allergic to the bunny so it was very interesting but he loved it and was sad to see the 300 pound animal leave to his buddy Max's house for the second week.

I loved the holidays...we were with Nana and Papa Tantrum at their house Christmas day, and the sound of Bacon and his cousins playing and laughing was better than I imagined. I missed my cousin who is in England raising her boys terribly, but hope that one of these years I will be able to have them all come over and stay with us for the holiday. The sound of 6 little Tantrums playing seems magical. (Oh, and yes I have the piano bench for the 2 oldest to sit on and share at dinner!)

As hard as it has been to transition to this new life - picking up and moving everything and leaving so much behind, feeling like you have failed even though you had a marvelously successful business - it is becoming clearer that this was what we all needed. We needed our family. We needed Crazy Aunt Ethel and Pop Pop and Nana and Papa. We needed Aunties and cousins in the house with us, and we needed to remember that even though we have less possessions we have more love and joy than anyone deserves. Who cares if we live in a house with cats and dogs and fish and more Thomas the Tank Engine items than you can shake a stick at? We have each other. We have boys who fart at dinner and run though the house playing hide and seek and tag all day. Do we fight? Of course....getting used to a new house and so many people's ideas of how things should be can be hard....but it is never anything that we cannot get through.

Here is to a year of love, family and prosperity. And by prosperity I mean the growth of your self and your soul.


Givinya De Elba said...

Welcome back, I've missed my regular dose of Tantrum!!

Seriously, is the cousin you missed actually living "in England raising her boys terribly" or did you miss terribly your cousin who is in England raising her boys?

Cos I'm confused.

And how do you raise boys terribly anway?

And if that's what I'M doing over here, how can I stop?

Or should I just give in, and move to England so I can hook up with your cousin so we can raise all these boys terribly together?

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Alas, my inability to communicate effectively has again reared its ugly head. I do in fact miss my cousin terribly, and as a matter of fact she is raising her three boys BRILLIANTLY.

Stupid Mercury in Retrograde and all that astrological stuff has me quite suckish at any form of communication.

I am sure that if you move to England though she can give you some tips on boys! I clearly am doing a terrible job here as mine announced at dinner at a restaurant that he farted and was going to get diarrhea!

Clearly I need tips on proper eqituette lessons for a 5 year old.

ramblinred said...

Hear, hear...may 2010 be a year of blessings.

*it's a sign, my word verification is abless*

shirley said...

Sounds like you are on the right path. Taking each moment and savoring the good, looking at the bad simply as necessary contrast. I look forward to reading about your new year/new start.

Givinya De Elba said...

That is way too funny.