Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suck It Gloria Steinem

I feel lost lately. Sort of like I'm on that spinner ride at the fair where the static and centrifugal force stick you to the wall. The ride where you end up covered in someone else's puke and your own. The ride that even after it stops you're still stuck to the wall dry heaving. Maybe lost isn't the right word. I feel out of control, like everything around me is happening with my consent.

Feeling lost probably has a lot to do with feeling like the failure of the business is my fault, that the failure like nature of my relationship is all my fault, and that the move is my fault. After all it really is my fault that anything bad in the world happens, right?

Maybe it is my somewhat sick perception that I can have it all, work full time, have an immaculate home, get home and cook dinner and bake cookies, and be dressed to the nines like June Cleaver with a cocktail for my husband.

One of my girlfriends said the other day that it was those stupid women's libbers that screwed up and made us think that we needed to do it all and have it all, and I think she's right. Everything in the world that is bad isn't my fault, it's Gloria Steinem's fault.



Crazy Sister said...

I've often thought that the women's libbers stuffed a lot of things up. Well, it's nice that women can have a legal identity of their own and own property and vote, but then they went too far, and it just means that on top of raising the kids and doing all the housework, I do all the yardwork and finances, and people expect me to have a career.


And I LOVE it when guys open doors for me. How delightfully gorgeous.

everything we need is enough said...

I stumbled across your blog a long time ago when I was searching for blogs on aspergers/autism, etc... I immediately put it on my favorites, you crack me up!! And I check your blog daily! But now, I am so sad to see what you are going through. I know you have no idea who I even am, I'm just an outsider reading about your life... I do hope things get better for you. Stay positive.