Monday, May 25, 2009

Things I am Looking Forward to This Week...

This week is sunny and in the 80's (that is in Fahrenheit for my friends down under - no I cannot convert it to Celsius, they didn't teach us that in school, they are teaching my child that so I am screwed when he needs help with math homework) and GLORIOUS. There is more on tap too. 

Today is a holiday here. Memorial Day to be exact. This is the day we remember our veterans who have served in the military, fought in wars and risked their lives to keep us living the American Dream. I want to kiss them all for being so brave, and thank them each personally for what they do. It is a tough job, not only for them, but for their families too, and they deserve a LOT more thanks than what they get. 

- 4 day work week this week, which means since it is near month end I will be on the phone all week desperately trying to reach our sales goal. I love talking on the phone, so that will be a treat!

- Saturday night dinner with my friends Annie and WM!! WOOT! Too bad Annie is a million months preggers, and won't be able to have cocktails with us...oh, wait now she can be the designated driver! Hee hee...sorry Annie. 

- Shopping for some new stuff for my apartment. I get a bonus this week, and am going to get a few things that I don't have for the place. New bedding, towels, silverware, lamps....I am thinking Pottery Barn may be the answer to my prayers!

- This is my second full week without the migraine medication. I not only am not having any seizures, or drooling on myself. I can form coherent sentences, and talk like an adult again! Yeah for the dairy/gluten free diet...even if it is hard to find tasty snacks!

I hope your week is glorious. Go hug a solider, and thank him and his family for all they do. Seriously, it is that important maybe I am old fashioned, but there was a time when Memorial Day was parades and picnics and worshiping these men and women for what they have done. It should be like that now too, none of these sales and stuff, just plain honoring people for being the heroes that they are. 


Givinya De Elba said...

That's 27C and that's prettuy perfect, in anyone's language!

Ann(ie) said...

I will happily take one for the team!!!! But, come July I plan to get very enebriated when we all go out again. We may have to all share a cab. :)

Crazy Sister said...

Nice weather! We had our version of Memorial Day last month, too (Anzac Day). It all seems so simple when you're a kid - we remember those men who died in wars. Then when you're an adult, you realise that those "men" were in their late teens and early twenties. Yikes. And when you have a son of your own... double yikes. So remember, give thanks and lay a wreath.