Sunday, May 3, 2009

Numbness and Tingling May Occur

I have spent the last week in and out of the neurologist's office again. The numbness and tingling that I had with my first horrible migraine change when Bacon was one. (They thought it was a stroke or a more horrible ailment.) He did an emergency MRI, drew 6 more vials of blood leaving a 4x6 inch bruise on my arm, and we waited for the results. 

He also got the results from the blood that the naturopath had drawn....except for the food allergy ones, those will be another week....and we analyzed them all. 

It appears that my brain is the same. Damaged but for unknown reasons. (He will have further detail on that on Tuesday) My blood is severely deficient in Vitamin B12, and D3, and my carbon dioxide, alkaline phosphate and chloride levels are really really low. 

So I am taking Gargantuan amounts of D3, and B12 until otherwise ordered. He is also trying to piece together why my body isn't absorbing any food that I eat. Soon it seems I will finally have some sort of answer to the whole fatigue giant bloated stomach issue. 

That is so nice. (Having an answer to my question that is.)

They will never be able to explain why I am as bright as a box of rocks, but I am pretty sure that has something to do with being dropped on my head as a kid by my dad. 


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh Mrs Tantrum, are you okay? Stressed? Thinking of you. Hope you get answers soon, and they are not tricky answers either.

Thought you were brighter than a box of rocks though :)

Crazy Sister said...

Definitely brighter than a box of rocks. Medical tests suck, but answers are nice. Vitamin B will make you pee bright yellow and remember all your dreams. Hey, I could send you Vegemite - it's loaded with it!