Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bacon, Pugs, Tantrums, and Exhaustion

I am not dead, even if everyone I see feels compelled to tell me that I look like it. They are really nice, those ones and have been put on my "I hate your guts list." I am exhausted, and running on half a brain cell these days. BUT I have a very nice Naturopathic Doctor who is getting to the bottom of things with some food allergy testing, and some other blood work. Hopefully in a couple more weeks we will know for sure what exactly the problem is and I will be back to my snarky old self. 

In the past three plus weeks the following things have happened:
- I reconnected with two friends from high school that I adore. They are dating and adorable together, and she has a daughter from her first marriage that Bacon is in love with. 
- Bacon turned FIVE YEARS OLD! 
- We lost another goldfish. 
- The pugs are acting like they are on their last leg and then pull a couple of stunts that remind me they will live to be 1200 years old just to spite me. 
- March was an awesome month for sales at my new job and we BEAT our sales goal. If we keep on target this month, we will do the same this month. 

My high school friends also live very close by, he travels a lot for his job, but is lots of fun when he is in town. I was a wreck when I went to see them for the first time, but had so much fun and was glad that I did, that we regularly talk and text now. I forgot how nice it is to have friends that are close like that to hang out with. (Not that I don't miss my far off friends too, but having close by friends is nice.) 

Bacon turned the big 5 on the 20th. He is so excited about it. Everything he saw he wanted put on his birthday list. If we said no at the grocery store that he couldn't have that 6 pack of mini Coke, then he wanted it for his birthday. Now that that day has past, he wants it on his Christmas list for Santa. 

He did say that he didn't want a party, or any fuss about it, so I went to work. At noon I got a call that he needed a Dairy Queen® Oreo Blizzard Cake®. Which meant that after work I ran eleventy billion nine hundred ninety nine thousand errands before coming home to a mass of neighbors and kids to help celebrate. Which was great, because it was a last minute party, and because I had to buy the cake that fed 25-50 people. 

The pugs...are still alive, much to my chagrin. They sleep, they stink, and Max is deaf and Lovey is still blind. This week Bacon and I went to the garden center to get some supplies for our garden, including some compost starter, I left them in the entry way like always and got to cleaning up some other things. 20 minutes later I heard snorting and coughing and scratching, I went to the entry way to find the two fat sausages scarfing down the box and the compost stater. Max was foaming and the mouth and Lovey was growling and me for scolding them and cleaning up the mess. 

I scanned the box for a toll free number - which of course, since it was 9pm was too late to call - so I called the next best reference, my Aunt. (She knows all there is to know about dogs and really should have been a vet, not a medical records expert.) She said not to worry and keep an eye on them, my uncle chimed in that the ingredients were probably the same stuff in the dog food, and that since it was "organic" it had to be safe. 

They are still alive today but for some reason smell like the compost pile!

My new job is great. I have now been there 6 whole months, and I adore it, even if some days I am so tired I feel like I could pitch forward on my keyboard, and even if they still can't figure out why it is always 952 degrees in there. We just figure dress in layers, and drink a LOT of water!

So I haven't had writer's block, I wasn't murdered, I don't have the swine flu, and I wasn't impaled by a sharp object while running. I have just been lazy and busy and EXHAUSTED. Soon we'll know what the cause of the exhaustion is though and that will help a ton. Not having to go to bed at 5:30 at night will be a blessing.  


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow I am SO glad you posted! I was going to start flooding your inbox with distressed emails from Australia. Glad you hear you're still there - sorry to hear you're exhausted and are running on half the brain cells that I myself am running on.

And you don't look dead from here.

T. said...

I am glad you are ok! I miss you on twitter and I miss your writing!

Happy Bacon Birthday! FIVE. wow. They grow so fast, huh? How is he doing these days?

Drop by my blog or by twitter once in a while, so I know you are alive.


buffi said...

Count me among those who are glad you are alive! Though I can't say anything about people not blogging since it was 3 months between my last two posts! But, if when the Dr figures out your exhaustion thing, please share. I've had the same thing going on here & still haven't gotten better.

Miss you & love you!!

Ann(ie) said...

If anyone understands lazy, busy and exhausted it's me!!!!! Hang in there, love. And happy happy belated bday to the adorable Mr. Bacon.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Just call it Spring Break and be good to yourself until you feel more like yourself!

Crazy Sister said...

Perhaps Maz and Lovey have discoeverd the secret to a long and energetic life - compost starter - and you should try some. I've had naturopath medicines before, and I think you'd prefer the taste of compost...

class-factotum said...

Ha! I've told my husband that if he dies in a plane crash, the cats are the first thing to go!