Friday, January 16, 2009

Mass Confusion

It has been a crazy bumpy week at work. I have been on my own to make decisions and take orders and do other things, that normally I have three other people to help me with or teach me to do. (I have been there for three months, so while I know what I am doing, I don't even remotely know everything there is to know about it.) Add the lack of staff and knowledge with the with silence of a half empty office, a horrible stint of insomnia, and mercury in retrograde, and you get a hot tranny mess just waiting to happen. 

Which is probably why this week turned into a major headache. Calls about needing things - then calls about getting the wrong things, more calls about other things, and pile after pile of things that had to get done and corrected (pricing that I already sent them 14 times) before it could leave. 

Of course a couple of those things that seemed to be your normal run of the mill 'by the book' type turned into absolutely not that, leaving me feeling deflated and totally self conscious. Because I am convinced that I am a total failure and everything I do is absolute crap. 

I will spend the weekend stewing and worrying about it, and go to work on Monday to be greeted by emails saying 'next time do this' which I will remember and put in my file. 

I know that everyone makes mistakes, and I know that I make them, heck I am more than happy to LEARN from them...I just wish I didn't feel like crap when I made them! 


Givinya De Elba said...

I hear you. I too am convinced I am a total failure and everything I do is absolute crap. But the good news is that my sister is swinging by from Rehab to the coast next week and there's a parcel for me from a fantastic mutual friend who is in no way a total failure. I can't wait!

Crazy Sister said...

You are in no way a failure! You rock. How did the Powers That Be decide you needed to cope with all that stuff by yourself?

Hopefully you didn't swear too much at any customers, and soon that week will be a distant memory...