Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Bug

I have been very open about my decision to never again have another child burst forth from my loins. Not only am I not good at being pregnant, my body is not so great at it either, which makes the ENTIRE 40 weeks of pregnancy less like rainbows and sunshine and more like something akin to "Night of the Living Dead." 

Lately though, be it my ticking biological clock or large number of pregnant friends, I am feeling that urge to have a baby. A REALLY FREAKING STRONG URGE. 

So strong in fact that last night I was dreaming about this lovely potential little bundle only to awake to my current bundle sitting on my face farting while yelling "Wake up mom!" "Smell it. Smell it...own it!" It was then that I quickly snapped out of my delusional baby wanting state, and realized that I have all the children I need right here in my stinky house. 


Givinya De Elba said...

This was so well-written and so darn funny. Sorry about the urge. What does Mr Tantrum think?

Eddy G. said...

Yea! way to go little kid! Can't have mommy "out of action" for nine months. What a laugh.

mamikaze said...

Kids are the best birth control. I was a terrible pregnant lady, too. But, I still want more kids. Which is why my dear husband got snipped so I would quit asking.

Crazy Sister said...

Gotta love that kid! My hubby is laughing to death.

What on earth do you TEACH him??? Is this Pop Pop again?