Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Kind Of Stupid?

I have known Crazy Aunt Ethel long enough to expect some stupid stuff. I have also known her long enough to expect that things are done a certain way and if they are going to change I get at least a good 4 weeks notice, maybe more if it is AMAJORHOLIDAY that they are occurring on. 

Apparently not so much this year. 

The only reason that we got notice of this MAJOR CHANGE was because Mr. Tantrum called her to square up what the food situation was, and did we in fact need to be bringing something edible for anyone who did in fact like to eat things that are cooked, made of human like preferred food groups, and all in all tolerated well by the digestive tracts of 4 year olds and adults. 

I am LIVID. It is 14 days to the event with them and she not so much breathed a whisper that the change was going down. Now not only are we faced with a 3 hour tour to get there, but prepping Bacon for whole new house that he has NEVER BEEN TO. (Oh, wait maybe he was there once as an INFANT asleep for 2.4 minutes.) I would scrub the whole damn thing but then that would take the whole holly jolly fun out of cramming your husband, kid, 2 decrepit dogs and self into a mini SUV driving 500 miles in 24 hours to spend the holidays with not one but TWO sets of family! 

Someone please pass me a bigger bottle of Vodka to was down this Xanax. 

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Heather said...

I cracked open a bottle of red wine at 7:30 this morning..... just because I was starting a pot roast in the crock pot and needed it for that.

BUT the bottle is open and chilled in the fridge now.... It's a cheap cabernet sauvignon but drinkable if need be.

Hang in there! I have my share of Crazy Relatives to deal with in the next few weeks and a Christmas Road Trip as well (alas, ours is closer to 6 hours one way than a Three Hour Tour - a Three Hour Tour) (dontcha have to say/type that twice? I apparently do!)...