Friday, November 14, 2008

Reason's I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Watch TV

I had to go to the doctor today and have my lady bits inspected because they are faulty. Of course then because they have been faulty for quite some time now and there is no rational explanation for it, my doctor decided that some more testing should be done. 

I have no problem with the testing, I would love more than anything to have this resolved and be done with the whole "issue" at hand. I just wish that it didn't so much mean that I had to carry the lab slip downstairs, or overhear the conversation that my doctor and her nurse had. 

Not because it was bad, but because I am a raging lunatic fan of Dr. Google, and I watch too much House. 

(House is a show featuring Hugh Laurie as a brilliant but ass wipey like doctor that has to solve complex medical cases, each more bizarre than the last. It is brilliant and disturbing, I adore it.) 

So when they said "Von Wildebrand" like 15 times in their discussion I was certain I was going to die on my way to the lab. 

I am not going to die, in fact it isn't all that rare if I DO have it, and with a little more medical intervention I should be fine. 

But I pretty much think I should stop watching TV. I mean next thing you know I will see a palm tree or a Polar Bear and think that I am going to be stranded on a deserted magical uncharted desert isle. 


musing said...

Ah, yes. Doctor Google. I've seen him a number of times myself.

Crazy Sister said...

House is excellent. It's always weird to watch some old British Hugh Laurie comedy, like Black Adder or Fry and Laurie, and realise it's the same guy.

And the man can play the piano like nothing else. His song called "Mystery" is so funny I pee my pants listening to it.

Next time, save yourself some stress and Google "Mystery by Hugh Laurie" instead of Von Hildewhatsit.

Givinya De Elba said...

Ah yes. Check it:

And I thought this sentence was brilliant: "I had to go to the doctor today and have my lady bits inspected because they are faulty."