Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Full Moon

The full moon doesn't hit until Thursday the 13th here in the US. (No, this is not some lame attempt at astrological readings.) However, this week has been WEIRD. Clients at work are out of sorts, all of my co workers and myself are a mix between goofy and drunken toddlers. We keep trying to blame it all on the economy, or post election haze, but THE ENTIRE WORLD cannot be acting like this all because of an election. 

I did sleep last night which was a HUGE help, but by the time I left the office this afternoon the thermostat was again reading 74 degrees, but it felt closer to the "Hotter Than The Hubs of Hell" setting we have all come to know and loathe. I guess if it isn't rectified soon we can all at least relish in the fact that we are getting PAID to work in a sauna, which is all kinds of awesome, because that means rather than putting on weight this winter we will all be stick thin and majorly dehydrated!

Oh, and because of the full moon Bacon has taken to accusing everyone of saying the "F" word. There is nothing quite as disconcerting as sitting at dinner and having him scold you for saying "F&*K" when you never said it. (Okay, maybe him spanking you and refusing to stop until you say you like IS MORE DISCONCERTING.) Not because of the "punishment" but because whenever he accuses you of swearing he will then utter that swear word. 

"Daddy you said F*&K! F*&K is a BAD WORD! I am going to spank you now."

Seriously, annoying and irritating in a week like this...

The rest of the time I am sure I would find it incredibly hysterical. 

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