Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have been slacking in the whole "making dinner" department since I went back to the full time work outside the home thing. I want to stop that. I think that Mr. T will appreciate not having to eat cereal or chili dogs every night when he comes home from work. 

Also, my mom was able to make from scratch meals every night with two children and work full time, so I too should be able to do this. Especially since I can cook, and I have a crock pot!

So, here is the menu:

- Rolled Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans

- French Dips (using left over meat from roast), french fries, salad  (2)

- Shepard's Pie (I am using Alton Brown's recipe from the using the leftover mashed potatoes, salad

- Homemade minestrone soup, ciabatta rolls

- Spaghetti pie, salad, french bread (This is always good for 2 meals and lunch!)

- Velveeta Casserole Challenge Meal! Melanie's Meat Lover's Pizza Casserole, green salad, and garlic bread. (This is probably going to be good for a couple of dinners too!

- Teryaki Chicken, steamed rice, steamed veggies

- Grilled Mahi Mahi, salad, leftover rice

So there are about 12 meals. I am starting tonight with the roast, mashers and I even made a Pumpkin Pie with all of those veggies that I pureed last year. I still can't make a crust to save my life, so I used one of the Marie Calender's ones that you can get in the freezer section they are awesome, and great to keep on hand. Especially if you ever have someone come over and say something like "MAKE A PIE OR I WILL KILL YOU!" You can whip up a pie in no time that is FABULOUS and you will not die. 

Unless it is Martha, and then hopefully before she shoots you she'll at least show you how to make a crust in the food processor. I have tried 10,000 times and still it comes out like glue. I think she would just have to shoot me. If she does put on my tombstone "She Failed at making Pie Crust So Martha Shot Her." Everyone will think I was killed in some wild west shoot out kind of thing!


Izababy and KJ's Mom said...

Umm... can we come to your house this week??? Eh, I really can't complain as I can't remember the last time I cooked dinner. Breakfast, yes... dinner, no. I've got one of those WAHD and he's a great cook and even likes doing it. Who would have thought it was possible??? Sounds like a great plan!

Rachel said...

I just wanted to say hi. I found your blog through Cake Wrecks, and I started reading and went "Bacon and poop-talk! THIS IS THE PLACE FOR ME!" :) So, hi!

buffi said...

Seriously need the velveeta recipe. My kids would love that. I'll share some of my wonderful, quick, easy & YUMMY recipes with you in exchange - I promise. ;)

buffi said...

PS I have a theory that there are only about 9 people on the planet who can actually make pie crust from scratch. The rest of us just get it from the freezer section. And that is nothing to be ashamed of. It's what's INSIDE the crust that counts.

carrie said...

Velveeta + casserole = yum! Yes, you MUST post that recipe, I'm dying over here!

Ann(ie) said...

HELLO!! What my girl Carrie said!!!!

WM said...

Ok, I am now so hungry so thanks for that.

It is hard to cook from scratch during the week when you work full time - so kudos to you.
During the week the freezer is my friend. I love the Costco individually frozen chicken breats. They defrost in no time and you get like a gazillion of them and can make a gazillion things.
My fave: throw the chicken breasts, chopped potatoes, carrots and peppers in a bag with lipton onion soup mix and about 1/3 cup oil. Toss it all together , put it in a baking pan and in about 45 minutes you have a one pan dinner which equals easy clean up.

Crazy Sister said...

I don't know what some of that stuff is. And for once, it's not becuse we're in different hemispheres, but because I have the plainest food eating family in the world. None of them will try anything with any type of sauce or in any type of pastry or mixed with any other food.

Well, I should quit complaining, cause it is easy to make the same five meals over and over again.


Karen said...

I can't make a pie crust to save my life either. My husband, however, can make them, so I leave that part of it to him...

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

Shhhhh! i can't make pie crusts either.