Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas List

Bacon has been in the mode of "I WANT IT!" since August. In an effort to put the kibosh on all of the maniacal screaming I instituted the "Let's put it on your Christmas list" rule, which meant when he saw something he wanted, we put it on a list. 

Right now that list looks like the contents of the now defunct FAO Schwartz. Squished somewhere between the plush "life like" dinosaur is a couple of hooker like puppies and some shake and race cars. I realized that no matter what we watch on TV he wants it. 

Billy Maes screaming about KABOOM! He wants it on the list. 

That RON CO guy...he has to "SET IT, AND FORGET IT!"

It is ridiculous. 

Or I thought it had reached the epitome of it when he asked for the pet nail trimmer. 

Today it did when he asked me to add a home mortgage to his Christmas list. 

Like anyone wants another one of those. 


Givinya De Elba said...

That is so funny. I can't believe the things that come out of Bacon's mouth!

Marlon said...

Dear Momma,

My son, in his stereotypical Autistic way, loves trains. And Christmas.

This afternoon he asked me to buy him a BNSF - Burlington Northern Santa Fe - diesel electric locomotive from our local hobby shop 'maybe for Christmas.'

The price tag of said 'toy' was 250 freakin' dollars.

Hello. This is the same kid that REFUSED to use the controller on the electric train set I bought him for Christmas last year. He insisted on pushing the train around the tracks and - of course - continuously derailed it.

When it comes to Autism, Aspies, and what-not, go figure.

Crazy Sister said...

I've got a lovely little mortgage here he could have, if he wants it.

I'll post it over, hey?