Friday, October 17, 2008

Ramblings Of A Migrainuer

I love my new job. I love everyone in the building. I love the gal I work with and everyone on my "cool" end of the building. (And by "cool" I do not mean cold, I mean we all rock. Without us marketing/sales people there would be NO you know that makes us extra cool.) Plus seriously it is awesome. 

That being said though, I got to start with a flipping migraine. 

Like it wasn't enough to get up at the unholy hour of 5:30 AM to get dressed, showered and coffeed up to drive to work in the pitch black, I got to do all of it with an invisible vice clamp on my head ever tightened by some giant hell bent on destruction. I gobbled down my usual quad tall nonfat bone dry cappuccino, and a couple five migraine pills that are neither narcotic, or sleep inducing and headed to the office. I was introduced to everyone, educated on products, procedures, and giggled and yawned inappropriately. 

I am pretty sure that the gal I work with is convinced that I am some sort of freak because of all of the yawning, but she still is cool and we have fun together. Plus we work well together which will make this process lots of fun. And when I sold two items (grand total $12) to a customer I called to see if they needed promotional materials along with their order, she did the happy dance. (I just yawned and peed my pants.

So, now that it is the weekend, and all I have left to do is drive to Crazy Aunt Ethel's for a Luau on Sunday (don't ask, I will tell all later) I am sure that the migraine will subside and I will be fine. As long as it doesn't come back I will be a happy camper...if it does, all bets are off and this bugger is going down. Kind of like a giant turd down the potty. 


Crazy Sister said...

I can not imagine how bad migraines must be. Normal headaches are the pits. Have you told your new co-worker that you've told people all over the world about her happy dance, and we think she's hilarious?

carrie said...

I am so sorry. I know first hand how much those suck the big one. Hope it stays away for, like, FOREVER, and you can enjoy that luau!

ps - no more food poisoning, k?

bejewell said...

How much do I love that you have a Crazy Aunt Ethel? I had a Crazy Uncle Eddie but instead of just being old and cantakerous he was kind of mean, so "hanging out with Crazy Uncle Eddie" really wasn't as much fun as it sounded.

Ann(ie) said...

As a fellow Marketing/Salesperson I SOOOOO agree. I hate migraines. They kick my butt. I get one usually once a month and I want to die. Hang in there, love.

T. said...

Hope your migraine is better! I love your new drapes! Nice colors! Who did your decorating?? (template)