Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poop Cake

So Mr. Tantrum did not get a poop cake. He got 2 ice cream cakes from the guys at work...which is more than enough cake for anyone. I did search widely on the WORLD WIDE WEB looking for poop cakes though, and was DISGUSTED at what I found. *SHUDDER* just thinking about it now makes me throw up in my mouth a little. 

Instead we had pizza with our friend and drank. Yes, we drank alcohol. Even Mr. Tantrum drank an alcoholic beverage. (The man WHO hasn't had a drink since he was 17, had a DRINK! Please contain yourselves people, this may be a sign of the Apocalypse!) He drank a Bloody Mary with half a shot of vodka in it. He of course SWEARS that he was drunk, and has a horrible hangover today, but he said it with the same face that he makes when he is lying, so I can't be sure if he is telling the truth or not.

It was fun, and up until Bacon started spanking everyone and scolding them for saying "bad words." (Which can be ASSume, ASSumption, ASk, get the annoying idea.

He then upon spanking everyone asked "Does that feel good?" He became IRATE when we answered, "No, it hurts." Screaming maniacally, "It's supposed to feel GOOD!!" And left the room shaking his fist like an old man hell bent on destruction.

Where does a 4 year old learn THAT? Just what kind of television shows teach children about spanking feeling good? Seriously someone needs a talking to! 

Maybe I need to sign up for a refresher course on spanking your child, because apparently I don't have the skills to make it painful enough!


buffi said...

Well, if Mr T got drunk, WHO DROVE?! Bacon, I ASSume. (ouch!)

Oh, I crack myself up.

Also, you have convinced me to never Google "poop cake." Just the thought of what I might find makes me very, very afraid.

carrie said...

Happy belated birthday Mr. T! And I wish I would have known I could've given you my kitty litter cake recipe (complete w/tootsie roll poop)!