Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Legal Proceedings

My Father In Law is the part owner of the dealership with Mr. Tantrum. They have this business deal thing that I don't understand and honestly don't think I want to. I mean if I don't understand it after 10 years, is there any real chance that I ever will. 

My dear Father In Law is great guy, with a very entrepreneurial spirit. (Which means that despite having a successful dealership, he always has his hands in other 'get rich quick' stuff.) Now I am not being mean here, he is AWESOME at taking a bankrupt or failing business and turning it into a money maker, but sometimes he is blinded by the bling. 

Case in point the latest venture that took a good 5 years for him to realize was a GIANT STINKY TURD BALL that would not flush down even the biggest sewer pipe. Now that the company has been dissolved and most of the assets have been sold off we are only left with a few minor issues that won't go away. 

Like the company that keeps suing him but never freaking shows up to court. 

I AM SERIOUS on this. He has gone to court over this matter, that they keep serving the papers to Mr. T for, 3 times. None of which a representative for the company can show up for. All three times Father In Law has filed the appropriate paperwork stating that they have not shown up, the judge has made note of it and we thought we were done with it. 

This morning at 7:45 my doorbell rang to the county's process server Sheriff McHottyPants. (He is a Sheriff, because you know we have been evading being served, when in reality they refuse to come here when he is HOME and can be served.) He had papers from the COMPANY THAT NEVER SHOWS UP IN COURT! We laughed about it, and I apologized for my rooster hair, he said he was sorry that he was here with papers from these jerks again. 

I really would like to marry that Sheriff McHottyPants. He's handsome and kind and funny, and he totally puts up with Bacon wanting to hump his leg when he comes by. 

So, when Mr. T comes back he will be "served" the papers, and then my Father In Law will again go to court where the company will not show up. I hope then that he goes ballistic. I know I am ready to appear in court and kick their asses file a complaint for harassment against them.

I mean seriously, how many times can you SERVE papers for a lawsuit on someone who 1) has nothing to do with the company 2) if you never show up on your appointed court dates for the lawsuit you are suing for? Doesn't it violate the Geneva Convention at some point? 

Not that I don't want to keep answering the door to Sheriff McHottyPants, but really I would rather it be for an expected nice visit than a surprise you are being served by some asshats again! 


Jay H. said...

Are you sure he's really being served and it's just not an excuse for Sheriff McHottyPants to catch you in your jammies like the Kimber and the UPS guy? ;-)

brightmyer said...

No wonder our country is in such horrible shape!

WM said...

Ok, now that's just odd. It costs money to file a suit. Why the hell do it if y'aint got no plans to show up ????

matt - mmWine said...

What does Mr T's lawyer say? I assume FIL has legal counsel. Do they believe a counter suit is in order? I agree it's annoying, Sheriff not withstanding, but am sure there is something that can be done. I would speak with an attorney.

Givinya De Elba said...


Crazy Sister said...

Just as well you get some eye candy out of the deal.

dailypiglet said...

legal stuff makes me really, really angry, but it's been a good lesson for me to "let things go".

good luck to your fil.

Ann(ie) said...

I would like you to kindly send Sheriff Mchottypants my way. My UPS dude is so not hot.