Monday, September 15, 2008


I have been job searching for the last three weeks. Sending out resumes, filling out job applications, and even doing a couple of phone interviews, and one real in person interview. I still have no job. However Mr. Tantrum seems bothered by this. REALLY BOTHERED. 

I have reminded him repeatedly that hiring for the rest of the world does not work like it does at the shop, where as long as you have a pulse and can write your name you get hired. There are things like reference checks, and other things to be done. 

Still he calls up to seventy billion times a day to ask if I have a job. (Because surely I would get hired somewhere and NOT call him to tell him.) So now not only do I feel like a GIANT FAILURE because I haven't been hired, I feel like a GIANT ANNOYED FAILURE with a husband who will not lay off the fact that I have not been hired yet. 

Any suggestions anyone? I mean just short of selling my crappy kidneys I am not sure what to do. 


WM said...

If the Mr. keeps bugging you tell him you've found the perfect job.

Tell him you can start right away but that you'll uh need a new wardrobe first.

Adrienne said...

Welcome to the world of unemployemnt. I have been job hunting and interviewing for over a year. Try temp companies, register with all of them. Also I found temp work with a company that does trade shows the pay is great and the hours are when you are available. is the company in so cal, there must be someting comparable where you are.

Avitable said...

If you do it right, you can find a job very easily, regardless of skill set or qualifications.

Keep an eye on job boards, but most of them are a waste of time.

Instead, create a brief cover letter that identifies what you have to offer. Make sure your resume is perfect.

Then, create a mailing list of as many local businesses as you can - use every possible resource to make this list. Get at least a thousand names on there.

Mail out letters to every single one of them.

The statistics will work out in your favor. Most small companies don't post ads publicly for positions, so you'll find jobs that nobody knows about.

Good luck.

QuJaBaKa said...

I can't offer any words of wisdom but if you want I can take a look at your cv/resume, I do them for all my friends and so far I haven't had one fail.
Good luck and keep at it, eventually the odds will fall in your favour.

Ann(ie) said...

It sucks out there. What kind of work, girlie? Email me. I have a friend that's a recruiter.

Givinya De Elba said...

Yuck. I'm sorry it's hard going. Love the post label "Stupid Husband Tricks" - gee, wouldn't a "Black Blog" be full of those labels?

Kath said...

WOW or you could come here and get pick of jobs. In fact I WILL HIRE YOU RIGHT NOW - surely family wont mind relocating????

Bobbi said...

I feel your pain! I live in a tiny rural town and unless I want to work in a factory or fast food, options are totally limited.

Keep the faith.

Crazy Sister said...

I'll pay you $20 right now if you'll move the dog poo off my daisy bush out the front.

How does a dog poo ON a daisy bush?

Alright - $30.

newlyweds said...

That sucks! I know where I work the hiring process can take months, they are so slow. Just tell your Mr. to be patient.

~~sending you job finding vibes~~