Monday, September 29, 2008

Dressing For Success

I had a meeting today, and IMPORTANT meeting. I wore a pantsuit. The meeting was so important to me that when I was putting gas in my car and I realized I had forgotten that I had left my lip gloss at home, I came back home to put it on. IT WAS THAT IMPORTANT TO ME. 

I was shocked at this meeting that the people there were not dressed in at least a business casual manner. It wasn't even a corporate casual manner. It was more of a casual Friday I just rolled out of bed kind of dress. Even if I hadn't come home to get my lip gloss I still would have been overdressed. 

Am I neurotic crazy for thinking that this just might be part of the reason that our country is in a financial crisis? That because no one cares enough to press a pair of pants and put on a nice blouse, other countries and other financial markets have come to realize that we truly are a bunch of stupid Americans. I sort of am starting to wonder myself, I and I am in no way a stupid American. 


YatPundit said...

wow, I rarely see anything like that here in New Orleans. When i'm teaching computer geeks, some of them come in jeans-and-tshirt, but that's for class, not a meeting.

but that said, yes, you're neurotic. :-)

Ann(ie) said...

Seattle is SOOOOO casual anymore. At my last workplace we could wear jeans and flip flops. Daily. =/ I do miss it occassional, though. Especially when I drag my arse outta bed at the buttcrack o' dawn and heels just don't sound enjoyable.
How are the interviews going, love?

mamikaze said...

I just saw an exec of PemCo Insurance in Seattle yesterday. He was dressed in a polo shirt, fleece vest and jeans. I thinks it's a northwest thing.