Friday, August 29, 2008

Momma's Got Aprons

The LOVELY Jessica from Jessica Knows, and wishpot and a host of other places sent me a lovely email this morning. (Would it be okay if I called you? Would it be okay if I plugged the apron you sent me on TV today?) Hello, yes, that would be better than ANYTHING I CAN IMAGINE! 

Then she did it. She made a commercial on TV in front of a newscaster and her camera man throwing a tantrum. 
That is a real friend right there. Someone who will make a fool of themself on TV for you. Not just because she likes you but because you can't pry her out of the apron you sent her. 

Now I am making aprons like crazy! The one that Jessica has (Momma's Hot Apron) and the one that I love (Momma's Weekday Apron) by the dozens. Okay, maybe not DOZENS, but a girl can WISH can't she.

They are available now. Momma's Hot Apron is $45 plus shipping, and Momma's Weekday Apron is $30 plus shipping. The pictures are here.  

If you are interested email me at . 

First come first serve, and if you have a special request let me

Also check out the new blog for updates on styles an pictures and more!

Momma's Hot Apron

Momma's Weekday Apron


Jay H. said...

Those are terrific! Is that top one what my undies are going to be made of? I can't wait, hee!

Ann(ie) said...

HONEY!!! Those are adorable!!!! I want one of the green ones for my mama. I don't cook so I'm not sure where I'd wear it, but yay!!! She'll dig it. 8)

dailypiglet said...

that is awesome! go YOU!

Alyssa@Keepingthekingdomfirst said...

You can send me an apron anytime! I would be happy to vlog it, and teach you how to go CVSing!

Crazy Sister said...

That first one IS hot. Who knew aprons could be so fine? I've never seen the point of wearing one myself - I'm always a mess anyway - but they make me want to convert.

followthatdog said...

I got one and I love it. My son tells me how pretty my "dinner thing" is every time I wear it. Even the nanny commented on how cool it is. I highly recommend them. I'm thinking we might be giving these out for Christmas this year.

Buffi said...

I LOVE my apron! And, as soon as I get my shit together, I'll post about it with pictures. Probably won't be able to swing a TV commercial though. I'm nowhere NEAR as cool as Jessica!

Love you!

carrie said...

Wow! Good for you . . . I'm definitely going to check those out and I am super impressed w/your entreprenurial skillzzzz . . . and the video was so fun, I saw it over at Mamikaze's place!