Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bacon's Back

Bacon came home this afternoon. Here are the things that he told me:

- He only missed Daddy. 
- He doesn't like Crazy Aunt Ethel's dog. 
- He is going back on Sunday. 
- He saw an AMTRAK train. 

Then when we pulled up in the drive way we were greeted by his BFF. He has been with him ever since. He hasn't even come inside to eat dinner, pee, or drop his stuff off. He is outside playing with his friends.


Bobbi said...

Yeah - but aren't you glad he's home?!!! Wonder what crazy Aunt Ethel's dog did?

Rock and Roll Mama said...

Yeah Bacon! My oldest kid is one who can be on a playdate for three days, come home, and ask who he can call. He's a social animal. Your Bacon Costco story is hilarious. Enjoy!

buffi said...

It's really for the best isn't it? Because, no matter how much we miss them, after about 15 minutes inside, they become a PITA. So, you know, snuggle him at bedtime.

Or, you could always lure him in with the promise of corndogs...

Worker Mommy said...

Yeah, that's kids for ya.

My son, after not getting his way Saturday told me "mom , I'm going to find a new family" At that point it took everything I had not to say "please do"!

Givinya De Elba said...

Too cool. You know, when I started reading your blog, it was like you had a toddler. Now you've got yourself a great big kid. Wow.

Come to that, so do I.