Monday, June 9, 2008

Highway To Hell

As I was frantically folding laundry on Saturday morning and impatiently waiting to hear Monica-Lewinsky's-Boyfriend's-Wife step down, I let Bacon watch train videos on You Tube. It keeps him quiet, and keeps me free to watch about 20 minutes of adult television without screams for SPONGE BOB!

Of course Saturday was the day that he decided that 5 minutes was enough time to watch trains on Momma's puter.

He agreed to watch "that weird lady" (as he calls MLBW) and play quietly. I had the TV on mute because I couldn't listen to anymore incessant chatter of Chris Matthews and the two other fat dudes when I heard Bacon singing. At first I couldn't make it out, I mean I admittedly don't speak delirious drunken toddler, then it was clear as a bell. As MLBW was walking on stage, Bacon was singing "Highway to Hell."

Really, if she had used that as her campaign song I may have voted for her. Hell she might have won the race, but for now, every time I hear that song I will think of the day that MLBW suspended her campaign.


*Becky* said...

Whatever you do, do not laugh at the SpongeBob brainbusters trivia on the back of Gogurts. I always think Josh is telling me a joke, so I ignore him and laugh when he is done. He is not amused when I do this.

Blinky boy has yet to weigh in on his choice for the prez... I think we will vote you into office. You will institute booze at Target.

witchypoo said...

That chile KNOWS things.

Ramblin' Red said...

A very perceptive fella you got there :)

Manager Mom said...

Not to worry - I am creating a Berlitz series to teach people the "Drunken Toddler" dialect. I'll email you when it's ready.

Givinya De Elba said...

Serious?! Too funny! Bacon is one cool little kid!!