Friday, June 6, 2008

He Fought The Birds...and The Birds Won

When we moved into our house almost 10 years ago there were few houses here. There were no town homes or condos behind us, and in fact is was just a large forest full of wild creatures. As time progressed, though the forest became said town homes and condos and the birds and other wildlife was displaced.
The birds (barn swallows) nested a few times on our front porch, which was sweet and very endearing to me. There is something walking out the front door on a warm spring morning and hearing the peep peep peep of baby birds and then being dive bombed by their mother.

They have since nested across the street, and next door, and left us out of the dive bombing peep peeping action. Which was fine, because with an infant I am sure that I would have gone crazy and tried to dive bomb that mother bird myself. Now that I am older, and have a very curious 4 year old who loves animals this is a great chance to see how birds build nests, and see how baby birds hatch.

Hubby isn't down for any of this educational fun. He thinks that this is the most annoying disgusting thing on the planet and has spent the better part of the last week swearing and tearing down the half built nests from the front door. He has placed all kinds of "obstacles" in their way to prevent them from building. At first they knocked them down, now they have taken to including them - I am sure for structural stability - in their design.

The smoke that was billowing out of Mr. Tantrum's ears this morning was monumental! He tore down the nest and stormed off to work. When I took Bacon to school the nest was again half built. They are determined, and I am determined now to let them. Hubs got a message stating that he could sleep in the driveway if he tore down another nest. He said that it was fine, but I would have to explain if there was a dead bird on the porch, or if Bacon's eye got poked out by a lunatic bird mother.

Fine with me! Heck that would be would finally be the blog post that got me featured on BlogHer!


*Becky* said...

Birds... Oh annoying creatures... who doesn't love birds? Unfortunately, I have the hearing of a super hero. I can hear a mouse pissing on cotton a mile away. Birds wake me up, birds...birds will be the death of me.

This is like opening a fresh wound, birds.... damn birds.

carrie said...

Those are determined little suckers, aren't they? We once had one build a nest right in my hanging basket. Try watering THOSE flowers without getting an injury!

Givinya De Elba said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

I think our husbands would get along.

Bacon's Mom said...

I have a salty 4-year-old, as well - though she's a girl. What are the odds of 2 4-y-o Bacons in the world?