Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tips To Improve Your Blog Traffic

I've been asked a lot recently by my bloggy buddies how I have managed to get so much traffic. The truth was until recently I really wasn't sure. I mean I did the blog read/comment thing, I joined Seattle Mom Blogs, I signed up for Twitter. Then I was featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom, and Blogtations, that was all stuff that helped, I am sure of it. I mean I have met some awesome people because they "found" me via those other places.

There is something that bloggers have though that is magical. It is a report that gives us a view of daily traffic, where it is coming from etc. My favorite thing to look at though (like many a blogger) is the Keyword Search Results. I realized today after looking at the over 200 terms that have brought people to my little old blog 1) I cannot share them with you because there are some KINKY people searching Google and 2) I really need to stop blogging about poop and my butt crack.

Seriously, something as inane as blogging about Bacon's bought of diarrhea or the potty training struggle and suddenly someone looking for "pooping boners" ends up here. (Great now that I have used those words together here come all the freaks.) I have never blogged about those two words together before, so how does Google think that I am a good match for that search?

Because Google is crazy and off its medication.

Also, I got 40 hits for blogging about watching Mike Rowe make turkeys fart and burp. Pretty sweet. Now if I could just get Mike Rowe himself to come to the house to give me a back rub....

Improving your blog traffic is easy, just blog about stupid stuff. Potty humor is apparently the best, followed closely by Chicken Pox Coffee. (If you can tell me what the HELL that is you win a prize.) Also, anything you blog about can be turned by that whack job Google into something dirty or nasty.

For example, I participate in Absolutely Bananas Hot Mama's Know, that resulted in I can't tell you how many hits for things that no one should do with a mother, to their mother, or even think of with the word MOTHER in the same sentence. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

The reality is that you don't need to do a lot of work to get traffic to your site. Just blog about something and insert key words in the middle of stuff. NINJA. Topics that are HOT right now, INDIANA JONES, or things that you know a lot about. (I know about poop and coffee, so that is what I blog about.) Really, with that crazy Google anything is possible when it comes to getting traffic to your blog.

The real question that remains is Google bringing you the kind of readers that you want?


witchypoo said...

Apparently not, since I came here. Oh, wait. The weirdos never comment. They just leave in disgust because their fetish isn't being offered. If they were to complain, I would offer them their money back.

Sarah said...

So true. I get at least 10 hits everyday by people looking for some variation of "How do I make my kid stop screaming?" I wish I knew the answer...duct tape? One of my favorites was "mommy wearing little yoga panties".

*Becky* said...

THAT my lovely new blog friend is how I found you! Through the Hot Mama's something Beauty tips. I think you did the fake tanning tips? I was googling mystic tans I think! Hot damn I finally figured it out! Who knew that tanning would bring together two freaks like us? I'd better go before I start singing "It's a small world after all..... It's a small world after all........"


Yup, thats it!

mommastantrum said...

Witchypoo - you are right, the freaks never comment. I kind of wish that they would though, it would make things more "interesting"

Sarah - I get one lately for "Hot Hairy Mexican Mommas" what on earth? I am not hairy nor am I Mexican. But I am hot.

Becky - I am glad that YOU found your way here, it is like DENSITY...I mean DESTINY...or something. Yeah, and that was me with the tanning tips. I am the tanorexic of the bunch!

Brittany said...

So maybe it's just me who can't figure it out but how do you check your blog statistics and keyword search list? Thanks

Ann(ie) said...

Blogtations cracks me up! How'd you like Twitter?

Scary Mommy said...

Too funny!

I get people searching for "dried boogers caked on wall," " spit up into my mouth," and "freaky double jointed thumb.

Makes me a bit nervous who I'm sharing the details of my life with!