Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Stew

I would normally post a round up of all the funny stuff that I read this week for this edition of "Sunday Stew" but the truth is that I didn't get around to reading that many blogs this week. Bacon has been sick (fever, cough, snot and pale faced sick) since 2am Thursday morning, and with all of the stuff for work and the dentist, I have been EXHAUSTED.

The good news is that Bacon is sleeping in his own bed. For like a whole week now. We made reservations at the Great Wolf Resort as promised and will be there on the 3rd of June. Which is still about 10 more days away, just enough time to further instill that sleeping in your own bed thing.

I found out today that Hubby has been showing those Text Messages that I have been sending him to his BFF and our General Manager at the store. He is so not getting any more of those, and I am mad enough now that he may not be getting IT anymore either. (Regardless of HOW much I want it.) What a DILDO.

The Crack In My Butt Crack has healed nicely and I do not have the Herpes as Dr. Google had suggested. He is about as stupid as that Web Md guy at diagnosis. I think that they BOTH need to lose their medical licenses and accreditation. Bastards.

I am also on a mission to lose at least 10 pounds by the 27th of June. We have an off site event in Post Falls, Idaho and if last year was any indication of how sales will be, short skirts and tank tops sell the shit. Seriously I had more old dudes coming back to spend their money on shirts and hats than any other vendor there. (I also found a lot of pictures of my ass on their respective websites later, which was both shocking and complimentary. If you don't understand how that works, you are obviously not a mom.) We will see how working out 7 days a week goes as well as stuffing myself full of protein, veggies and fruit. (Yes, whole grains too. But the refined sugars and carbs are going to be cut WAY WAY back.) I am scared, but determined.

I hope that you are all ready for an AWESOME week. I plan on bringing the funny back, and leaving Al Gore alone for a while, I figure I gave him enough abuse for a lifetime. I also promise to not complain when Twitter is down, because dude they are a little tiny company...with a HUGE ADDICTED following...I need to send them some homemade cookies!


musing said...

Glad to hear you have some good news. Get some rest!

Givinya De Elba said...

Glad to hear things are okay, hope Bacon Bits gets better real soon!