Sunday, May 25, 2008

Itchy, Itchy, Scratchy, Scratchy...

I love that camp song. Hell, I am dorky enough to admit that there are few camp songs that I don't love. I always have. That is why I LOVED summer camp at Camp Howard in Oregon, that is why I loved being a Counselor in Training there. You got to sing the coolest songs all the time. (Oh, yeah and I met my BFF there too!! Like almost 20 years ago...god we're getting old!)

I also am not one for "camping." I never have been. Recently when asked by my dentist if I was spending this Holiday Weekend camping I replied, "Unless it has room service and five stars, I won't camp there." He laughed so hard he had to stop administering my Novocaine and leave the room. Little did he know how serious I was.

I think that part of the I hate camping thing started when I left for college in 1995. I was spending a year and a half in the middle of Oregon's agricultural belt, which at the time was no big deal, but turned out to be a nightmare. I developed hay fever, which has since turned into being allergic to everything under the sun with pollen or fur. (Except for pig weed which doesn't even grow here, and dogs.) Being outside with that many allergies is not fun.

The thing that is the hardest is that we have a garden and yard that I love. That Hubby loves. That we want to fix up so that we can stop having driveway barbecues with the neighbors and have some privacy when we are rip roaring drunk for once. I try to help him, really I do. Though, inevitably I end up inside in under an hour, swollen, red, itching and scratching clamoring for Benadryl.

I should probably call my allergist and demand that we start the whole process of allergy shots. Allergy shots are time consuming and probably a bit annoying, but anything has to be better than stepping outside and sneezing so much that you are afraid that you are either going to sneeze your brain out your nose or pee down your leg.

Until then I will be dancing around in the house singing*:
Flee Fly.
Flee Fly Mosquito.
Kum a la, kum a la, kum a la vee sta.
Oh no, no not the vee sta.
Calamine, Calamine, Calamine Lotion
Oh, no more calamine lotion
Itchy, Itchy
Scratchy, Scratchy
Got one down my backy backy
EEK! Goes the bugs when you get 'em with the bug spray!
EEK! Goes the bugs when you get 'em with the bug spray!
One more time....

*Courtesy of the website never underestimate the power of the Boy Scouts for good camp song lyrics!

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Danielle said...

HA! I love that song! I've never heard it though, but I would love to teach my boys. I'll have to find a version that I can actually hear....