Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heat Wave

Hey everyone, I am not dead. I am just exhausted from Thursday's marathon trip to Oregon and back. (Yes, that is 6 hours in the truck for those of you who have not made that lovely adventure before.) We were in Oregon for a total of 6 hours, which was nice because we saw my family, but seriously a 12 hour day with HALF of that confined in an F350 is like pure hell. Also I now am suffering from ass paralysis. It is incurable.

My tooth is better, still achy but not the whole "I am going to die" kind of pain I was experiencing earlier this week. Hopefully it will be not hurting at all come Monday and when they put the permanent filling in we will be done with this all and then the crown will be put on without any major problems. Although, I am not exactly hopeful on that front.

The GREATEST news of all is that the weather here in the Seattle area is SUNNY and WARM. Yeah, like over 80 degrees warm. We are all freaking out and peeing our panties, and all of the men in the neighborhood are mowing their lawns with no shirts and sandals and socks. It is like summer has come early. AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT. I got to sit outside last night and drink a margarita and watch Hubby wash my car.

The grass is coming in nicely although we still can't play on it because all of the poo isn't gone. Maybe another week and then it will be business as usual. And the dogs can go back to crapping on the patio then, which is FANFREAKINGTASTIC.

Today we are going to barbecue something, although Hubby will be in charge of the operation of it all. I don't want to experience anything like this again, and he still hasn't fixed the ignitor. Until he does...well let's just say I am having nothing to do with that shiny metal outdoor oven.

I am off now. I have HOURS of Sponge Bob to watch, woo-freaking-hoo, and some other not very fun stuff to do. Hopefully something exciting and monumentally hysterically will happen to share with you all....of course I am going to get a CrackBerry, so that will make it much easier to share EVERYTHING with you the moment it happens.

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Ann(ie) said...

I am in LOVE with my blackberry like I've never been in LOVE b/f!!!! Prepare for just that level of love.

I'm sunburnt. meh. But, we've got precious days and I wasn't playin around.

Glad your tooth is feeling better, girlie.