Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting "Claratin Clear"

We figured out that Bacon has allergies on top of being sick and that he probably needed an over the counter medication so he could play outside and not coat his friends in 25 gallons of snot each night. Explaining to him that he had allergies was easier than expected, and also highly entertaining - or was it disturbing? I can't remember.

"Sweetie, you have allergies. Just like Momma does. I have to get you something to help with that."

"Oh, I understand Momma. I am all foggy. I need to get clear. CLARATIN CLEAR," he sang back to me.

Mr. Tantrum and I died of laughter, which hurt like hell because I am now sick. (White spot on the giant tonsils sick. Yes, I still unfortunately have them. Yes, they are the bane of my existence most seasons.)

I did get him the chewable GRAPE tablets, because anything that is not GRAPE will be projectile spit across the continent. (When you have a child who is not "neuro-typical" you learn quickly what does and doesn't work to avoid meltdowns. If buying GRAPE flavored medication for the rest of his life is one of them, so be it.) He liked it and it tastes like "A really DELICIOUS CANDY!"

I am not sure if I should be alarmed that he memorizes commercials, or that maybe it is a sign that - GASP - he is watching too much TV. Which I am totally guilty of allowing, as much of a hard ass as I pretend to be. I do know though that he could memorize any show or movie seeing it once, so that could be it as well.

Photographic memories run in my side of the family, my great grandpa had one, my brother had one and apparently Bacon is the next in the line to get it. I am just saddened that he had to go and take after his UNCLE and have a propensity to memorize commercials.

* True story here: My brother was about 4 or 5, and it was the mid to late 80's. OB tampons were huge here in the US, and every commercial on TV still had a jingle or catchy song. OB'S was this, "O-B It's the way you should be. Keep it simple, and set yourself free...." (I don't remember the whole thing, in part because I am OLD, and a MOM and the first thing to go is your mind.) I do however remember my little brother singing that song wherever we went whenever he had the opportunity. He had no clue what a tampon was, much less was anyone going to tell him, but it was embarrassing and humiliating none the less. I honestly have no idea how my mom finally convinced him to stop before she dropped dead of a heart attack. Seeing as she also put up with me speaking fake Chinese, she may have had the IGNORE them they aren't mine thing down better than I remember. *

I have now embarrassed my brother, and probably pissed off my mother...which always makes for some GREAT blogging let me tell you. I am sure though that sooner or later Bacon will do something much like my brother did to my mom to embarrass the crap out of me. It will totally be worth it though, because nothing beats having a great story to tell at his rehearsal dinner some day!


Givinya De Elba said...

Crazy Sister visits you, so I'm likely to be CRUSHED for telling you this, but ....

We were once on a long car trip ad stoped at some public bathrooms. She was taking longer than me or my Mum, and looking back I should have worked out that she was in fact becoming lighter. If you get my drift.

So I loudly told her to hurry up and and she shot back, "Just wait! I'm doing something LONG!"

Still love it.

Sarah said...

I'm going to have the OB jingle in my head for the rest of the night...I can't remember anymore of it either....

Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

Ramblin' Red said...


LMNOB does the commercial thing too, and boy howdy do I get the medicine thing. She doesn't do grape, or cherry, and med dispensing usually consists of Charlie Brown and I using the Jaws of Life on her sweet little mouth.

bethyoung said...

"Ob, that's the way it should be. Keep it simple. (Ahh) and set yourself free. From the extra that you really don't need. Just try Ob and you'll see.

You should send me a prize.