Saturday, May 10, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!! Danger!!

Okay people, I know I promised pretty pictures and how tos today, but you aren't getting them. Instead you are getting warned.

After yesterday's discovery at the doctor's office, we discussed why I was having issues. (No it is NOT a TUMOR.) It is however probably one of the fifty billion medications that make me a functioning human being in combination with the sixteen shots of espresso that I consume in the average day.

Yes, I drink sixteen shots of espresso a day.

At least it isn't street drugs.

Anyway, she wants me to cut back to MAYBE 3 a day, but would like it if I could get down to 2. Also, please try to do this in about a week. (She is bat shit crazy I think. Nice lady, but I think maybe she fell off the turnip truck and hit her head or something...because dropping 14 shots in a, SCARY.)

She also cut my happy medicine in half. Just like that to half. Which would be fine if it was a NORMAL anti anxiety OCD medication, but this particular one (the only one out of 12 million varieties I have tried that works) is harder to wean your body off of than Heroin. (Seriously. It says so on Web MD.)

So consider yourselves warned for the next couple of weeks. I may not be pretty or witty or smart. (Thanks Backpacking Dad. That has been stuck in my head continually now!) I may be unusually crabby, bitchy, twitchy and ruder than normal.


Anonymous said...

Same stuff I was on? If so, this next week is going to be a bitch! I can come up and help if you want.

Backpacking Dad said...

You could also try being gaaaay.

musing said...

Oh, my. That's rough. You might wanna buy a few tons of chocolate to try and compensate.

mommastantrum said...

S - There is no helping me. I will be okay. I think.

Dad - I think I will try it. It might just work. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Musing - Chocolate makes me crap my pants, which would be fine if Bacon wasn't a pants crapper. I think I might just taper down the caffeine SLOWER than the crazy doctor lady wants. I mean what is she going to do? Send me to the Funny Farm?

BRING IT ON. At least there they will knock me out when I get the bends!

Ann(ie) said...

I relate to crabby, bitchy, twitchy and rude quite well. Can't scare me away. So sorry though, girlie. That sucks....Glad it's not a tumor, but no picnic none the less....And um, I will add your extra espresso shots to my day b/c I am a giver like that. :)

Life With Jack said...

Um, yeah. I came off Cymbalta in September of last year and it was horrible. Miserable. I wanted to die. BUT - it got better. Actually, when I had the dosage cut in half, it wasn't that bad. It's when I went down to nothing that it sucked. Anyway - I hope that these transitions go as smoothly as possible for you!!!

Sarah said...

Hope it's not as bad as you fear. In my humble opinion, cutting meds in half and cafeine by 80% all at once is steps, right?