Friday, April 25, 2008

What Keeps Me Up At Night

Today as I was driving to the chiropractor I got caught in the LOVELY Seattle traffic. I am changing my whole mindset on this from freakthefuckout, to "cool, a chance to slow down and relax" because I so need to relax a little more. So as I was relaxing I realized that I was behind a boatload of semis with interesting mud flaps.

I wish that I could report that they were the sexy naked ladies, or something like that. But they were ads for parts dealers, and trucking companies. Normally not the kind of thing that catches my eye, but one said "Fontana Truck Parts."

I thought maybe I was huffing a few too many tailpipe fumes so I asked Hubby to verify, and indeed it said FONTANA. Not MONTANA. FONTANA. I don't know if this was a play on words, or if this is an actual place, but I have to find out.

I mean it will bug me FOREVER if I don't figure out where it is. Stuff like this keeps me awake at night. Not important stuff like whether or not I remembered to set the alarm clock or pay the mortgage, but stuff like "Where is Fontana?" and "Was Nero the one that peed on the side of the road while Rome burned?"

That's the stuff that keeps me up at night.


Givinya De Elba said...

Now you've got us ALL googling it! Interesting.

Life With Jack said...

Without double checking, I do believe Fontana is in California. I think. :)