Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's Work's For Me Wednesday again, and while I am a little late getting in on the action today, I do have a great tip for helping Toddler's - are they still Toddler's when they are 64? - eat good snacks and help themselves.

It is the snack drawer. This is actually something that my mom used a million years ago when I was a kid, and was GREAT. It is great for Bacon, because he is a "Big Boy and can do it himself" and is nice for those days when I am knocked out with a migraine, or buried under a pile of work. The shelf is a drawer here, and it is filled with fruit, cheese, lunch meat, carrots, celery, juice boxes and other healthy treats. It is easily accessible for him, and everything in there is GOOD for him, and are things that he likes.

Starting this even at age 2 is a good idea. This way they can learn what is theirs, and what healthy snacks are. This has been great for Bacon Bits, because he has definitely inherited the snacking gene from Hubby's family. And it has been great in instilling great eating habits in him as well. I can't tell you how many birthday parties we have gone to where he has requested a piece of fruit over a piece of cake!!

So start small, but start with something. And it doesn't have to be fully stocked to the brim either. The great thing about kids is that (most of the time) they won't gorge themselves, and most of them won't starve themselves either.

This Works Great For Me, and I hope it Works For You Too!!


Life With Jack said...

GREAT idea! One question though...Jack can't open the fridge by this just something that you have to wait for? :)


mommastantrum said...

Yeah, I guess I totally forgot that they have to be able to OPEN the fridge. But if they have a shelf that they can choose from when you open it for them, it is a good start!