Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Stew

Being Sunday, and being sufficiently worn out I thought that I would start a new "round up" of sorts. I will highlight some dang funny stuff I read this week and fill you in on some other really lame stuff that has been dancing around in my head.

Oh, and of course if you're wondering why I am not blogging about last night's Supercross adventure. Well I am now taking the stance of my friend Giviyana "If I Don't Blog About It, It Didn't Happen." (Yes, it was THAT bad. And no I am in NO MOOD to talk about it.)

This week The Blogess had a dang funny idea of how to save the economy, as well as the funniest introduction I have ever read. (Which prompted me to then use the word vagina in every conversation I had the rest of the day.) She is a funny lady.

Also, Giviyana reassured me that my son is not the only one who drives his mother mad while dinner is prepared. It is pretty much a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY among the under 5 set. They really are trying to kill us all before bed time.

Last but not least, to round out everything - is a great site that has pictures and quotes...stuff that will make you both scratch your head and pee your pants laughing all at the same time. It's from one of the boys that I am in love with right now from You Look Nice Today. (About emotional hygiene, with LOTS of swearing.)

Now if you will excuse me someone needs me to wipe their ass.

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Ann(ie) said... See I knew we should have told you to join our crazy asses bowling. We can't stop talking about it!!!!