Saturday, February 9, 2008

Political Tirade Part One

Holy Moly all this election crap has me spitting fire already. I mean not that I can even pretend to understand what those flapping heads are trying to do, but I swear it seems like your damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

We were hit by the wave of Clinton and Obama stomping around trying to get candidates to vote for them today in the Caucus. (Because the Democrats award all their delegates at the caucus, where as the Republican party does half at the caucus and half after the popular election.) I have to admit that there is a bit of excitement this year about the whole thing. Because this is the first year that our delegates count. I mean REALLY REALLY count before the party chooses who they are going to nominate, or everyone else has jumped ship in hopes of maybe being vice president.

But seriously it is only February, and the ads and media coverage are nauseating....first I guess at least this has cut down on the Bird Brained Britney Bull Shit, but the election isn't until NOVEMBER a full 9 months away....that is like being pregnant again....but with a bunch of foul mouth old people!!! Pass the wine and xanax NOW.....and a lot of it.

Well, whatever happens I hope that it all works out for the best of the country. (And that it doesn't drive me to rehab in the meantime. Because that would suck, and well I don't want to go right now.) Hopefully all of these candidates are suited to lead our country well, and really do want what is best for it and us. That is the only hope that I can still hold on to, I mean it doesn't look like party alliances are something that you can much stick to anymore.

But no matter what we do need a positive change, and soon.

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