Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pennies For Poop

We started out potty training a million years ago (or so it seems because you know it is the most difficult battle of my life) and we have tried EVERY imaginable form of bribery to get Toddler to poop in the potty. I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on potty chairs, toddler sized urinals and special underpants. I have literally been beat down by the stench of someone Else's shit.

When we decided to try this time we thought about trying a technique that they use at my parent's house for my niece. Poop money. It is simple, you poop in the pot without a fight and you get a dollar for your purse to spend at the store. She loves this because well, she is 6 months older than Toddler, she loves to shop and she doesn't have Asperger's so she gets the whole money concept. But she is afraid of pooping so it has been a 60/40 success...I mean she goes, but sometimes it is a long time between those dollars.

Hubby and I discussed how we would do this...reward him before or make him work for it. (Hubby is of the reward him before camp, because he is not the mean one...I think you should work for it.) So I cashed in some tens for ones at the bank - and came home feeling like a stripper with that big wad - and we were set to go.

Somehow along the way pooping has turned into this:


"DON'T WATCH ME!!" (Mildly silent grunting from the bathroom, followed by a GIANT PLOP.)


"Wow!! Good job buddy!! I am so proud of you!!"

"Go get me a dollar and take a picture!! It's bigger than a South Park turd."

I must admit that my first mistake was taking a picture for daddy to see the poop. Now he expects it every time....and the demanding the dollar thing is a little annoying, because he is all Polly bitchy pants about it. (Then screams about needing help when stuffing it in the puggy bank if it won't go in right, because I don't have enough to do when worrying if that turd he just dropped is going to clog the toilet or not.)

Soon though I hope the dollar thing will disappear, as will the fecal photography...not a task I am all glad to add to my resume. (Although I am sure it could get me some interesting work.) I wish too that we had just started out with pennies for the poop....those are a lot easier to cram into the puggy bank than dollar bills.

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