Friday, February 15, 2008

Giant Turds

Today we had a major success...a turd the size of a soda can came out of Toddler. I am not joking. If Hubby would give up the camera phone so I could upload the photo you would all be like, "WHOA!! OMG!!! HUGE TURD!!!"

Then after you processed the size of it all you would wonder how the poor thing didn't die from pain or something. I just think he has an magical butt that smells like the zoo.

He was so proud of his phenomenal feat that he told the dogs, and daddy and me (even though we both were made to inspect and applaude the damn thing for 10 minutes.) Then he told his best friend, and his best friend's parents and the UPS man. Which I guess is kind of sucky for poor the poor UPS Man to be greeted at the door with, "I pooped a HUGE SOUTH PARK TURD IN THE POTTY!!" but fortunately he has a 3 year old so he totally understands.

I am hoping this success continues, because his half nakedness is totally annoying and we are only on day 2. He has 6 days until he goes back to school because of "mid winter break" (whatever the hell that is.) So it should be fun drinking times for me at least (thank god for the well stocked liqour cabinet). I am just praying that the only piles on the carpet be from the old ass dogs, and not from the Toddler.

But we have danced this dance before....and we all know that ended BADLY.

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