Friday, February 22, 2008

CHICKEN POX?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hubby called me on his way into the shop this morning after dropping Toddler off at school this, to let me know that he might have the chicken pox. I shook my head twice and looked at the phone funny to make sure I had heard him right.

"Are you sure? He had that vaccination, I paid like $200 for it since the insurance doesn't cover those."

It turns out one of the students in his class (conveniently Toddler's best friend) has it as did his sister at the Valentine's party last week. It also turns out that Toddler was complaining of itching like a fiend last night before bed.

Yes, I did a proper WELL FUCK yell once off the phone. (After all Chicken Pox mean that he - and subsequently I - are quarantined to the house for TWO FUCKING WEEKS. TOGETHER.) I also checked and the vaccine is effective is not 100%. So if he does come down with the pox they will be less harsh than what my brother cousin and I suffered through for 3 weeks in the sweltering summer heat of the early 80's at my grandma's house.

Let's pray that he is itchy because he hasn't dropped a proper turd in the toilet for over 48 hours, and not because he is starting to get chicken pox. I believe that the chicken pox could indeed send me to the funny farm...but only because I would be subjected to a hundred million hours of FUCKING SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS cartoons. And a piss poor attitude.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! If it's any consolation, Eliot wasn't itchy before coming down with chicken pox. He was, however, very unwell (as was I). So fingers (and toes) crossed that expensive vaccine works! Good luck. Val

Life With Jack said...

Oh no! How is he doing now??? I hope that it isn't chicken pox...for your sake and his. Hope things are going better!