Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Last night when I could not stand another episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants I changed the station to Entertainment Tonight. (Don't get me wrong, I love me some Sponge Bob....but he was getting on my last nerve last night.)

So Toddler and I are watching and getting our gossip fix on, he even told me "Don't tell Daddy. It's our secret." (Which came from birthday shopping.) Like a glutton I watched as the stalkeratzzi gave me glimpses of all the celebutards I love to make fun of, and all of the upcoming movie I can't wait to see.

Then they hauled out the half of the show that features the vomitorium of "Where Brittany Spears took a dump today." and I had to change the channel. As I did something horrible happened. Toddler uttered the words I thought he didn't even know, that I hoped he would never even say, "Momma STOP!! I Love Brittany Spears."

After suffering a mild stroke, I was able to upright myself and turn off the television for the rest of the night. We only watched a little of Martha Stewart before he headded off to bed.

Hubby and I settled in with the movie Shoot Em Up with Clive Owen and Paul Giamitti. Man was that a good fix for the earlier stroke. Blood, guns, sex, Clive's accent...but be warned it is not for the faint of heart. You have to like that kind of stuff to enjoy that movie, otherwise you will be totally grossed out.

But not nearly as grossed out as when your almost 4 year old tells you he loves the train wreck known as Brittany Spears.


Diamond41456 said...

You must DeBrittanyize him ASAP!
So you are a Spongebob captive also? Our most recent most watched episode lately is Atlantis Squarepantis...LOL!
The nice weather is ending here and I'm updaing my blog today at work as it's been slow there. Will also check out the Bacon thingie on your other blog. Bacon? Hmmm....
Take care and enjoy your morning.

Anonymous said...

it's 'britney', bitch. lol. (and that's a for real song lyric, no hating on you.)